We Interrupt Eric's Never-ending Job Search to Bring You This Brief Aside:

  1. I don't like putting myself out there.
  2. Feels yucky.
  3. Job applications
  4. Job Interviews
  5. New things
  6. I don't like selling myself.
  7. Why can't you just gimme things, world
  8. Gimme
  9. Gimme
  10. Gimmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  11. Myyyyyy
  13. I realize this isn't good. Gotta risk it to get the proverbial biscuit.
  14. So seriously just gimme monies.
  15. Ok that felt good. Just felt like complaining/venting for a quick second.
  16. Gonna go back to looking for jobs now listers
  17. Wish me luck as I stare down the cold, unforgiving barrel of adulthood
  18. ✌️
  19. ✌️✌
  20. 🙄🙄🙄🤑