1. About 4 and a half years ago.
  2. Walking through the parking lot after nailing an interview for my dream internship.
  3. Feeling good about myself.
  4. Strutting with confidence.
  5. I can do anything.
  6. Except get into the right car.
  7. I had JUST gotten a new car.
  8. With a new license plate.
  9. I still didn't know it at all, that's how new it was.
  10. So I walk towards the very small visitors parking.
  11. And see "my" car.
  12. Except it isn't mine.
  13. It's the same car model, same year, same color, also new. Again, didn't realize it wasn't my license plate Bc I didn't know my license plate yet. Or maybe I just wasn't paying attention.
  14. In retrospect, the remote door opener not working should have been a tip off.
  15. I guess I was too excited to notice the lights hadn't flashed.
  16. I went to open the door and yeah it's still locked.
  17. With a live person inside.
  18. Looking at me like I'm a goddamn moron (I am).
  19. Pretty sure I said nothing and did nothing in hopes of idk, I guess dying right there and not having to deal with it?
  20. I turned around a saw my actual car two spots away.
  21. Turns out that person was also interviewing for an internship and also got it.
  22. So I had to work with them.
  23. It wasn't until months later that we talked about this.
  24. I remembered it was her in the car, she remembered that I was the moron trying to get in her car.
  25. It worked out though, we became close friends and still are.
  26. I talked to her this morning, actually.
  27. So I don't really need the redo, I guess.
  28. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯