We still love you, Michael Gary Scott.
  1. Impulsive.
  2. Irrational.
  3. Irresponsible.
  4. Cringeworthy.
  5. Unpredictable.
  6. Petty.
    (Tom. Petty.)
  7. Abrasive.
  8. Narcissistic.
  9. Inappropriate.
  10. Lazy.
  11. Unqualified.
  12. Ignorant.
  13. Misinformed.
  14. Immature.
  15. Aloof.
  16. Selfish.
  17. Unprepared.
  18. In over their heads.
  19. Prejudice & Sexist. (Especially early office episodes).
    one is born from silly, humorous writing for a good-hearted fictional character that is not actually malicious or hateful. The other, unfortunately, is a real life character that happens to be wildly racist and sexist with nothing but malice in the cold, dead hole that replaced his heart a long time ago.
  20. Yet somehow, Michael Scott's branch was always the most successful. Obviously a result of the need to keep the story alive, but scary nonetheless.
  21. With that in mind, here's one word that separates the two:
  22. Compassionate.
  23. Moral of the list: don't vote trump, watch more office.