1. Started a new job
    This is pretty typical. My career mean a new job every year for a little while.
  2. Immediately took two weeks off from that job because we were moving my dad to hospice
    Literally on my 4th day.
  3. Lost my father
    There's not a lot else to say about this.
  4. Reevaluated who I keep in my life
    I'm not gonna make time for you if you don't make time for me. In other words: I have no time for fake bitches.
  5. Started a podcast
    With my two best friends. Easily the biggest highlight of the year.
  6. Lost an election
    My first loss ever. Had to happen sometime, I guess.
  7. Told people how I really felt
    In writing and everything.
  8. Spent time with amazing people doing awesome things
    I have some pretty incredible friends. I got to do my podcast with @evolkmann2 and @taylorgill11, go visit @liviacbrown, hit up Lollapalooza with some besties and throw a bridal shower for one of my oldest friends.
  9. So while 2015 wasn't a complete shitshow, and definitely had some high points...
  10. I am more than happy to let it go
  11. This year I'm more into the symbolism of a new year than I've ever been before.
  12. So here's to 2016!
  13. 🍾