Inspired by @jpbateson
  1. My name is Emily!
    This is a picture of my face.
  2. I live in Columbus, Ohio
    Other cities of note in my life include Boston, MA; Suffolk, VA; and London, England
  3. I do digital and social work for political campaigns
    I've worked for the President, Ed Markey, Terry McAullife, a campaign for earned sick time/a higher minimum wage and an effort to legalize marijuana.
  4. I'm currently job hunting
    For something a bit more long-term. Cover letters are a nightmare. Trying to hunt for a job that is elsewhere.
  5. I host a podcast with my best friends
    It's called Worst Friends Forever. We have a drink and talk about a new topic each week. You should check it out.
  6. I'm obsessed with my dog
    His name is Atticus and he's better than you.
  7. I'm beauty product obsessed
    My friends make fun of my collection, BUT WHO DO THEY TURN TO FOR ADVICE, HUH?
  8. I'll list about literally anything.
    No shame.
  9. I love tv, music and movies. Like...a lot.
    Current obsessions are Grace and Frankie, Lemonade and being worried about the Gilmore Girls revival. Most of my fangirling happens on tumblr.
  10. I like getting comments and being asked questions.
    So go for it.
  11. 😘