I've watched a lot of Friends. A lot of it couldn't happen today.
  1. The One with the Blackout
    Chandler could have just taken a selfie with the model. And Facetimed with Joey and Ross. Man, think of the Instagram likes he missed out on.
  2. The One with the List
    Chandler says his computer has 12mb of RAM and a 500mb hard drive. Nope.
  3. The One with the Lottery
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    No one believes Rachel when she says Emma said her first word 'gleba', as they claim it's not a word. She proved them wrong by grabbing A PHYSICAL DICTIONARY OUT AND LOOKING IT UP. Like a cavewoman.
  4. The 6 or so episodes with a plot that revolves around an answering machine
    Visual voicemail, yo.
  5. The One with Rachel's Phone Number
    Rachel worries Ross will pick up the phone after she gives her LANDLINE to a guy at a bar. Bonus: Ross and Mike use an ACTUAL ENCYCLOPEDIA to look up 'lager'. I mean, of course Ross kept encyclopedias in his apartment, but now we have wiki. Those encyclopedias are gathering dust with Rachel's dictionary.
  6. The One Where They're Up All Night
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    Ross and Joey get stuck on the roof and have to climb down the fire escape. Because they couldn't call anyone for help. Or even live tweet their struggle.
  7. The One with Ross's Thing
    Ross would totally look up his skin thing in the WebMD app. There are like 40,000 medical apps he could've used, tbh.
  8. The One Without the Ski Trip
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    They get lost, don't know where they are AND use a pay phone. This episode is basically a fossil.