I love podcasts. Love 'em.
  1. Worst Friends Forever
    Yeah, I'm putting my own podcast on this list first. Fight me. This is the drunken pop culture podcast I co-host with my besties, @evolkmann2 and @taylorgill11
  2. Gilmore Guys
    I'm obsessed with Gilmore Girls, so obviously this podcast is right up my alley.
  3. OMFG!
    I love this podcast. A very fun shot of pop culture.
  4. Barely Friending
    Two comedians who dated, broke up and now kind of hate each other talk about sex, dating and relationships.
  5. Welcome to Nightvale
    Guns don’t kill people. It’s impossible to be killed by a gun. We are all invincible to bullets and it’s a miracle.