1. Not being murdered. Number one. That'd be so awesome.
    I've done the Reddit Secret Santa before, and this is definitely less sketchy. I have a good feeling.
  2. A coffee mug!
    From a local coffee place or that represents where you're from! I collect mugs. ☕️
  3. Something neat from your city/country
    I like neat things! I like other places!
  4. A book you think I should read!
  5. Something you made!
  6. Something for my dog
    I have a pug named Atticus. He likes stuff too.
  7. A surprise you think I'd like based on my lists!
    This would be my favorite. I'd love to know what you think I'd like based off of social media. You can also stalk me on Twitter and Instagram at the same handle (@egkeller).