So I love heels. I usually do great in them, but my love of Louboutins can be a struggle. Louboutin cares about many things, but he doesn't give a flying fuck if you're comfortable. So here's how I survive.
  1. Shoe stretcher
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    Everyone who enjoys shoes should get some shoe stretchers. You take these wooden things and shove them into your shoes and then turn the handle at the back to open them up. Leave 'em in your shoes overnight and boom! Wider shoes!
  2. Two socks and a hairdryer
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    So glamorous. Put on two pairs of socks, slip your feet in the shoes and then take a hairdryer to it. Keep your weight on your feet and allow to cool before you take them off. Perfect.
  3. Gel insoles
    This is were I frequently go wrong. I never have gel insoles. But if your shoes don't have a platform, you need an insert to save the balls of your feet. I really really should buy these in bulk.
  4. Moisture
    AVOID AVOID AVOID. If your shoes are suede or leather, moisture of any kind will shrink them. If you're going without hose, cover your feet in baby powder before putting your shoes on. And those silica packets that come with your shoes? Save them! Store them with your shoes to help keep them dry. You can also get extras for free and any shoe or department store.
  5. Moleskin
    If you think your shoes may give you blisters or rub your feet the wrong way, moleskin is the way to go. It comes in a roll or in sheets and you can cut it to shape. Then stick it directly to your skin--I promise it's WAY better than a Band-aid. Another great bulk purchase.
  6. Buy shoes at the end of the day
    Your feet will be swollen at the end of a day of walking--so if you try on shoes at this point they'll fit you well all day when you go to wear them!
  7. Practice
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    Look at me, wearing those heels with sweatpants. Sometimes you just have to throw them on your feet and walk around to get used to it. I wore these for the first time last night. I did okay--but the first time is always rough. Practice, practice, practice!
  8. Walk Heel-Toe!
    Stop putting so much pressure on the balls of your feet! Acknowledge that not having your feet at a 90 degree angle changes your posture and they way you walk--but you still walk heel-toe.
  9. Just get on with your bad self.
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    Just go and own it, sexy!