I usually let my hair air dry or throw it up in a bun immediately. Today I actually styled it.
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    For someone who loves beauty products and makeup, I rarely properly do my hair.
    This is an example of what happens when I let my hair air dry. This picture looks okay-ish because it's still kinda wet. There is a lack of frizz.
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    It's just so thick
    It takes forever to do. I block out whole afternoons when I go to the salon.
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    But today, I went for it.
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    I started with some shampoo and conditioner by Drybar 🚿
    I love Drybar, which will soon become clear. I would get blowouts there when I lived in Boston. I desperately need them to open up in Columbus.
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    Then I threw on this robe because duh
    It's by Private Party and it's so soft and awesome.
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    Then I towel dried my hair
    Important: I don't rub the towel on my hair—THAT CREATES FRIZZ—I grab my hair and squeeze it with the towel.
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    Then I sat around to let my hair air dry even just a little.
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    I checked my email.
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    I danced around to some Kanye.
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    I put on moisturizer.
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    I put on some heat protectant!
    This stuff smells real good. And heat protectant matters because otherwise my hair would fry up like an egg in a skillet. 🍳
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    I blow dried my hair.
    I used my Paul Mitchell hair dryer and I did absolutely nothing special because I have no ability. Whenever I try to blow dry it like my stylist, my arms get tired and I give up.
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    I used some of this cream stuff
    ONLY ON THE ENDS. Also I very much enjoy drybar's commitment to their theme.
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    I brush the product through and then spray this shiz on it
    It smells nice I guess
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    Final Product!
    Holy shit I need a hair cut
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    No seriously I need a hair cut.
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    Please leave tips on styling very thick and sometimes frizzy hair in the comments. I will very much appreciate them, try them all once, and then continue throwing my hair up in a bun regardless of the results.