And you should too.
  1. This is a difficult movie
    But it's difficult for the right reasons. It's difficult because it's hard to handle the fact that an institution based in faith and morality did a cover up at all, let alone one of this magnitude.
  2. The performances are wonderful
    Every single actor nails it. They nail how annoying reporters can be when they're digging for their story. They got the Boston accent down (that means most of them don't speak with the one you're imagining). But most of all, they show how hard it was to report this story both personally and professionally.
  3. It's the best Boston movie, hands down
    The accent, the streets, the clothes, the community. Boston is an "Old Boys" small town that just happens to be a major city and Spotlight does it just perfectly right.
  4. Victims are portrayed with care and respect
    They show only a few and they do it right: the impact of childhood abuse and trauma is not swept under a rug at all. They also called these Priests what they are: predators.
  5. The script is incredible
    For a lot of different reasons. It gets reporters right, Boston right, Catholics right...but most of all it treats this topic with the respect it deserves
  6. It makes you think about institutions and what they're willing to hide
  7. Because if the Catholic Church, an institution that is supposed to be a force of good, was willing to cover up abuse
  8. What institution isn't?
  9. Because it isn't just the Church, is it?
  10. It's Penn State Football
  11. Or Bill Cosby
  12. People are willing to hide difficult things
  13. And we have to do better
  14. Now I haven't seen every movie of 2015
  15. But I feel safe saying that Spotlight is one of, if not the best
  16. Even though I spent the whole time shocked, upset, troubled and angry
  17. I'm so glad I saw it