1. And I came to read what ya'll wrote
  2. And I see that people are pretty upset with the app and the creators
  3. For not calling out/dealing with racism and sexism--particularly with the featured/trending lists
  4. And many have said it better than I so I won't cloud your feeds
  5. Except to say that @list as a chance here
  6. To be the ONE social media that doesn't suck at this
  7. Twitter is horrible at it. Facebook is literally the worst at all things. Tumblr lets everything be posted and then deletes Black Lives Matter posts from trending.
  8. So List App: don't ignore the complaints
  9. Your users are trying to tell you how to be better
  10. They are trying to do it respectfully
  11. Recognize that they love your app and aren't trying to attack you, they are simply asking you to listen
  12. Respond to them
  13. Don't ignore them!
  14. ❤️