1. I had a list featured!
    This is what I've been waiting for on this app!
  2. Thanks @thecomicswife for requesting it
    💯💯💯 Clearly, people should request more lists from me
  3. Here is the list in question: THE PERFECT PARTY
    It's about the perfect party.
  4. Yes, I took screen shots.
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  5. Here's my list, hanging out with @john and @AllisonWilliams.
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    It feels inadequate. My list has self-esteem issues. We're working on it.
  6. But...this is not my best list?
    I have many others I enjoy more. This sandwich is epic: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO THE PERFECT THANKSGIVING LEFTOVER SANDWICH This one is pretty good: THINGS I REFUSE TO DO BECAUSE I'M NOT A LUNATIC And this is easily the one I'm proudest of: WHAT I'VE LEARNED IN THE YEAR SINCE MY DAD DIED
  7. But eh, whatever. This is pretty cool.
    Thanks @list! Or whoever is in charge of 'Featured' 👋🏻