Some observations
  1. Filling seats with your bags
    If you do this on the subway, you're a monster. If you do it at your airport gate, you're normal. I do it, you do it, we all do it.
  2. Hogging outlets
    If you take up 2+ outlets at a coffee shop you're the worst. At an airport you gotta charge the laptop, phone, and kindle at a minimum. Didn't get to the airport early enough? Fuck off, sucker.
  3. Cutting lines
    "My flight takes off in 15 minutes!" is a pass to get in front of all the people who planned accordingly and got to the airport with an appropriate amount of time. Nowhere else does being a poor planner allow you to ignore the rules of the world. Also, you're not gonna make that flight, get in the back.
  4. Rushing your wait staff
    This is acceptable only at airports and restaurants next to Broadway theaters.
  5. Not being prepared to go through security
    Is your first time at an airport? Okay, maybe it is! But, did you not look to see what ALL the travelers in front of you did? Take off your belt, untie shoes, get wallets and cell phones out of pockets and prepare to load the gray bins in a timely manner! Also, you can sit on a bench out of the flow of traffic to retie your shoes!
    Suggested by @kate81