1. The First Day of Chilton Outfit
    Okay. The fuck was up with this?The first day of Chilton outfit. This is literally the only outfit she can put together? Where are her jeans? Just wear dirty clothes if you have to? Are the cowboy boots important? Lorelai. Stop.
  2. This leopard collared shirt
    Why does it have a leopard collar? It doesn't make sense? I'm confused.
  3. This hat
    What purpose does this hat serve?This episode takes place in the summer. That is not much sun protection. Lorelai, look at your life, look at your choices.
  4. Season 1, man
    She fought with Rory to buy this sweatshirt and hat, guys.
  5. This shirt
    What is this, Lorelai? Your elbows were hot but your neck was cold? What is this color situation?
  6. This doll shirt
    It's staring at me
  7. This shirt/bandana combo
    Is this shirt an art project? Why does Lorelai own so many bandanas? I DON'T UNDERSTAND.
  8. This dress
    Is that a belt around her neck? This dress has haunted me for years.
  9. The wedding dress
    Okay. Let's talk about the "perfect" dress. The weird flowers stuck out in weird places. The fit makes the slim and beautiful Lauren Graham look like they put padding under her breasts. What's going on here?
  10. This kitty shirt
    Lorelai. Why?
  11. Honestly there are about 5,000 more but I have to live my life, ya know?