It's time for a makeup list! Enjoy my face.
  1. So I love doing my makeup. I find it really relaxing.
    Depending on what look I'm going for, my makeup routine can take 10-40 minutes. My average everyday makeup takes about 20.
  2. But on the weekends I don't want to do a full face to run errands or to go pickup lunch or something.
    Seems like a waste.
  3. So I have my quick limited-product routine to make me look a little less tired.
    I'm always tired.
  4. I start with my face
  5. First things first: primer
    I only use it in spots since I'm not going to use foundation. I'm using Makeup For Ever Step 1 primer in green.
  6. Next I spot conceal
    Anywhere I have too much pigmentation and my under eye area. I'm using Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla.
  7. Then I blend with a small fluffy brush
    Like this one. I move it in circles around the concealer. This makes the concealer blend in without removing product from what you're trying to conceal.
  8. Time for brows!
    Brows frame your face—they're important. I brush through with a spoolie and then fill in with a powder, pencil or cream. Today I'm using Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Dark Brown.
  9. Eye Primer!
    Next I use a tinted eye primer. Since this is a quick look I'm not gonna use eyeshadow—just a little primer to brighten my eyes. This is Urban Decay Primer Potion in Minor Sin—and I just blend it in with my finger.
  10. Eyeliner
    I use a pencil because you don't need to be as precise as you do with a liquid (so it's faster) and I also use a light color so it's not too harsh. This is the Stila Smudge Stick in Sepia
  11. Mascara
    The tips of my lashes are blonde, so I use mascara pretty much everyday. Something natural-looking is best. I'm using Diorshow Waterproof.
  12. Powder!
    Since I didn't use foundation or BB cream or a tinted moisturizer or anything, I finish off with Makeup For Ever HD Finishing Powder. It takes care of any shine and offers a nice finished look. I just brush it on with a big fluffy brush.
  13. Lipstick! 💄
    I 100% believe that everyone will think you're put together if you're wearing lipstick and earrings. When I'm doing a minimal makeup look I like to do a matte lipstick in a neutral color. Today I went for Kylie's Lip Kit in Koko K.
  14. Boom! 5 minutes and done!
    This seems like a lot of steps but it's really not. Limited products and speedy application makes it pretty easy and simple. Just a little fresher looking, but not a big statement look.