1. The day we had hair and make up at work
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    We had to take photos for the company website and they hired hair and makeup people. All my best selfies are from this day.
  2. The time I met Eddie Redmayne
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    Well duh
  3. That time I fed a giraffe
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    I mean look at that
  4. The one where I'm side-eyeing my dog
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    Back when we were both skinnier, tbh
  5. The German one
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    Leather jacket. Beer in hand. My true self.
  6. Meeting Carole King outside a bakery
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    We sang as a group, too
  7. The one of just my feet
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    Expect this "Vote" gem to come back every November
  8. The one in Venice
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    I look like this because I look like such a chill world traveler.