Tell me your favorite list that you've written! I think knowing someone's favorite among their own stuff is a great way to get to know them. Submit the title and then link in the description! Tell me why it's your favorite (or not)!
  1. What I've Learned in The Year Since My Dad Died
    WHAT I'VE LEARNED IN THE YEAR SINCE MY DAD DIED This list was so hard to write, but so, so worth it. I got an amazing response. Plus, it was my first 'serious' list.
  2. Hate Begets Hate
    HATE BEGETS HATE I wrote this after the Paris attacks out of concern for my Muslim friends. It was definitely the most afraid I've been to post a list but I'm glad I did.
    Suggested by @kaitmaree
  3. Little Known Dog Breeds
    Little-known Dog Breeds I wrote this with the help of my husband and 13 y.o. son, on a day when there was no school because of parent-teacher conferences. We were trying to find a place to park in downtown DC, so we could get sandwiches at this deli I'd read about, and the three of us were in hysterics as we came up with these ridiculous names for dog breeds.
    Suggested by @carolynparkhurst
  4. This list is the first time I admitted (on social media) that I masturbate. Big step for me.
    Suggested by @ijeoma
  5. Atlanta Street Art
    ATLANTA STREET ART I have a lot of favorite lists, but this was one of the most fun to make because of the topic, one which I had known nothing about until my recent trip to ATL. New obsession, here I come.
    Suggested by @LizDawson
    🎼 REDNOSE BLING (HOTLINE BLING PARODY) - The Rudolph parody you didn't know you needed this Christmas season. By Chase and Drake
    Suggested by @thechasesmith
  7. this 2-item gem which received zero interactions ✨ NONCARB THINGS I'VE EATEN TODAY
    Suggested by @oholivia
    Suggested by @Alphonse
  9. I'm very proud of this one: SCIENCE NERD PORN TITLES
    Suggested by @magebloom
  10. My fave I've made so far: things I had to look up on Urban Dictionary. STUFF I HAD TO LOOK UP ON URBAN DICTIONARY
    Suggested by @cylontrekker