1. It's happening.
  2. I think I want to move to LA
    Although SF is really appealing for many reasons.
  3. At least for a few years?
  4. I don't know, this is very off brand from my Midwest/East Coast self
  5. But I can't move without a job because 🤑
  6. So where should I work??
  7. I like cool things.
    And creating and writing and designing.
  8. Most of my experience is political
  9. But I'm looking to branch out
  10. I've run a few statewide digital/social media campaigns
    One solo, one with a team
  11. And I do design for these campaigns
    Both print and digital
  12. And want to continue working in the digital/social space
  13. So. Where should I apply?
  14. Give me recs.