So I technically have a job that will start up again soon, but I'm still applying places. If anybody knows a company that needs a social media manager/director/guru/designer--hit me up, yo.
    I just applied for a job here and I'm dying over it. I'd love to work there. Female dominated, fun content. That's what I'm into.
  2. I mean, duh. It would be so cool. Not sure what skills I have that would make me an asset to this team but I'm sure there are some. I have so many skills!
  3. I basically have a huge crush on their entire digital team. It's chill.
  4. The White House
    The White House Office of Digital Strategy is #goals
  5. Or any of the New York Media properties, tbh. Fun Fact: I was once approached by Vulture to do emoji stories/summaries for them after my Les Miserables emoji story went viral but the emails got lost in the black hole that was my student email account.
  6. Idk, I'd just sit back and watch, tbh. I'd do anything they wanted.
  7. I could clean her office or something. I'd do that.