@GovJohnKasich, this is why we can't have nice things.
  1. He wants to be sure there is no place I am free of him
    Seriously. I follow him on Twitter so I'll know what he's up to BUT I WILL NOT FOLLOW HIM HERE.
  2. He wants to crowdsource condescending comments to make to young women
    "Sorry I don't have any Taylor Swift tickets" is how Gov. Kasich decided to talk to a young woman who was excited to ask him a question at a town hall. Because obviously young ladies aren't interested in politics, government or the future of their county.
  3. He needs a place to make a list of people he's been rude to
    John Kasich has a long history of snapping at people and making rude remarks. My favorite is when Nina Turner offered to help him assemble a racially diverse cabinet and he responded "I don't need your people". Rudeness with a healthy dash of racism!
  4. He needs suggestions on new ways to put abortion bans into the state budget
    Gov Kasich has signed 11 bills to restrict abortion access. Since 2011, half of Ohio's 16 clinics have been closed. He also wants the legislature to pass a 20-week abortion ban.
  5. He needs to make a list of all the public employees he tried to screw over
    SB 5. Never forget.