I'm sitting in Chicago on my way to LA. And listen, I will connect through Midway over O'Hare every time. But sometimes...man.
  1. There's no Starbucks ☕️
    Or Dunkin'. Honestly, the coffee situation in this airport is dire.
  2. The seating
    Listen, the lounge chairs are comfortable but they leave 44 seats (including the stools) per gate with a plane that holds 137. I know this because I counted.
  3. This wifi availability is honestly embarrassing
    Free wifi is only available after watching an ad and only for 30 minutes. That is if you can get it to connect (you can't). Maybe I've been spoiled by CMH which has had free unlimited wifi since wifi became a thing, but Chicago is a HUB, damnit.
  4. Lack of sit down restaurants
    Listen, when I have a long layover I like to sit down at a table and have a waiter or waitress make polite small talk and bring me my food. This is an impossible task at Midway.
  5. The outlets 🔌
    As previously mentioned, gates only have 44 seats. The outlets are only at these seats or those weird charging stations five miles from your gate. If you're the 45th person at the gate, tough shit.