The very true story of how I discovered a ghost in my phone. 👻📲
  1. I was casually browsing @list, as one does on a Friday night
  2. After setting my phone down while I threw away an empty kettle corn bag, I come back to find an unresponsive phone 😵
  3. My phone will not respond to any button pushing or to plugging it in 💀
  4. I try to restart my phone, no dice
  5. I mildly panic for 3-4 minutes
  6. From my dark, unresponsive phone comes Siri's voice: "I don't know how to help you, Emily" 😮
  7. I send @joekeller a message that I think my phone is possessed
  8. While waiting his arrival, Siri says "I'm okay if you're okay" out of the darkness
  9. I toggle the silent switch a few times
  10. Joe manages to restart my phone
  11. I am pretty sure a ghost is in my phone 👻