I'm jazzed for this list. I actually have many ideas for the perfect party (a perfect glamorous party, a perfect chill party, a perfect movie watching party). Here we have: the perfect party I'd like to attend.
  1. A low key guest list
    People I mostly know so I don't have to worry about impressing anyone. The guest list is on my level.
  2. A few people I don't know
    Friends of friends, ready for flirting.
  3. Everyone has a way home
    Or can crash at the location. The ability to drink freely is key.
  4. A fully stocked bar
    Wine, beer, liquor and mixers please! Cherries, limes and all sorts of garnishes! Let's just be ready for some fun!
  5. A friend willing to bartend
    I have a friend who is a licensed bartender and she loves to make drinks for everyone. It's legit. It's a perfect situation: she has fun, we get great cocktails. 🍸🍹
  6. A game or activity
    Cards Against Humanity, poker, something along those lines...I like to have something that those who are willing can participate in. Usually a subgroup forms to play. It's great.
  7. A chill playlist
    A mix of really good indie stuff, classics, and chart toppers. Played low in the background. 🎶
  8. Awesome people being awesome
    Any party is the perfect party with the right group of people.