Waiting for Amy Sherman-Palladino to call any moment.
  1. A fitting tribute to Richard Gilmore
    No business trips or anything of the like. I need a good send off for Richard--it can include Lorelai/Emily fighting or coming together or a funeral or not. But a solid tribute to Richard Gilmore is a must.
  2. Rory to not be with Jess
    She shouldn't be with her high school boyfriend. Sorry, Jess lovers.
  3. Paris
    I hope the whole revival is about Paris, tbh.
  4. The Lorelai/Luke of it all
    If it's 8 years later and they're not married--why? If they are married, do we get to see any part of the wedding? We gotta talk about Luke and Lorelai.
  5. LANE
    Lane is amazing and she deserves everything and I hope we get to see her a bunch.
  6. Knowledge that Rory and Logan had a conversation
    He was an idiot to make an ultimatum. She wasn't clear in what she wanted. Please let me know they talked like adults at some point.
  7. Townies
    I need my Star Hollow homies. As many as possible. Bring 'em back.