Week of Jan. 5
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    I saw Hamiltom
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    Guys it's as incredible have you heard. More. It's....wonderful. Amazing. The music, the acting, the choreography...I'm forever changed.
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    Leslie Odom Jr. made eye contact with me in Act One
    During 'Right Hand Man'. It was incredible.
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    I got to go onstage after Hamilton
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    So my friend's cousin knows Jon Rua and got us onstage!! It was incredible. Lin was RIGHT THERE...I didn't get to meet him though.
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    I got to interview Jon Rua for my podcast!
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    Coming next week! 😍😍😍
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    I met RenΓ©e Elise Goldsberry
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    She is as great and nice as you imagine
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    Chris Jackson blessed my friendships
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    "It seems like you guys can't stand each other AT ALL" "Yeah...we don't really get along." "Oh I can tell. You just don't have any fun." "Yeah..." "Guys just STOP FIGHTING" -our conversation with George Washington
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    Leslie Odom Jr. tweeted at me
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    He's my favorite human basically, and I was so bummed I missed out on meeting him (because I was onstage, so I can't really complain) and then the next day this happened! He liked a tweet to one of my lists, too!
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    We went to the Hayden Planetarium and I freaked out about the expanding universe.
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    Just ask @taylorgill11. I was real messed up.
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    I went to see Something Rotten!
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    Brian d'Arcy James! Christian Borle!
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    I got onstage at Something Rotten!
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    With a special VIP sticker and everything!
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    Walked outside and BAM Brian d'Arcy James!
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    He's so so nice everybody! I told him how much I loved him in Spotlight.
  12. β€’
    So basically my trip to New York was magical!
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    And all my New York trips are great.
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    I...can't tell you what a wonderful time I had.
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