I'm dying a little bit.
  1. As Lorelai Gilmore said "It’s bad enough being sick, but anybody can have a cold."
    It's so boring! Everyone gets colds.
  2. Your head feels a little bit like a balloon that might pop
    So much congestion!
  3. Cough syrup tastes a little bit like the devil?
  4. No one really has sympathy for you because colds are really nbd except that you feel like you may die
  5. You still have to exist in the world and at work but you're a disgusting ball of flem.
  6. You wake up and there is NO COLD MEDICINE in your WHOLE HOUSE.
    This might just be me.
  7. You go into the pantry to make soup and find that you're OUT OF SOUP.
    Again, this might just be me.