1. Fuck up their timeline
    Deal with your hiatus in a logical fashion. Don't establish birthdays if you're not going to pay attention to how old your characters are. Obviously I noticed. Did your finale take place in May or September? FIGURE IT OUT.
  2. Think I'm not going to notice that plot hole
    Yes, I noticed. Don't doubt me ever again.
  3. Break up a couple for some stupid reason
    You're telling me Nick and Jess broke up because Nick is goofy? At least think of a real reason.
  4. Only have designer clothes for poor characters
    I know that "distressed" sweater is Helmut Lang and I know it costs $200. Stop.
  5. Mention movies their actors had leading roles in
    Gilmore Girls, why do you mention Dirty Dancing so much? Who exactly played John McClane in the universe of Friends? I hate this. I'm so uncomfortable.
  6. Not address that major event from the last episode
    Oh, so you read your girlfriend's diary and we're just not gonna bring it up ever again? Okay.