I mean, it kinda is. But not how we normally do them. ...it's better, honestly.
  1. First, let's do a brief primer on filibusters.
    They exist in the Senate because Senate rules allow for unlimited debate. A Senator keeps the floor for as long as they hold the floor. They can't pee, sit, eat, lean on anything or stop talking. They can yield for a question without yielding the floor, however.
  2. About a century ago, they changed a bit
    Because now we have cloture. Cloture is a way to limit debate on a bill/topic. A cloture motion takes 3/5ths of "duly chosen and sworn" Senators, which is 60 out of 100. This is a change from needing 2/3rds of "present and voting" Senators—Democrats changed it in 1975.
  3. Now. Why isn't what the Democrats are doing now a filibuster as we traditionally use the term?
  4. Because normally a filibuster takes place as an effort to stop or prevent a bill from getting a vote on the Senate floor.
    That's not what's happening tonight.
  5. Such as the filibusters from Southern Democrats to prevent the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act
    It lasted 54 days 😱
  6. But tonight the Democrats aren't trying to stop anything from happening.
  7. They're trying to get something to happen.
  8. To drawn attention to the inaction of Congress
  9. And make sure people are paying attention
  10. It's pretty fucking awesome
  11. And you should tell them that. ☎️
  12. You can call 1-855-331-8593 for free, enter your zip code and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence will connect you with your Senator's office
  13. All you have to say is "I'm calling to support the filibuster"
  14. They'll thank you and promise to relay your message
  15. And the Brady Campaign will log your call so they know how many people are calling in support
  16. 👍🏻