My oven takes a long time to preheat. A lot goes through my mind.
  1. I hate this oven
  2. Why didn't I bring my headphones downstairs?
  3. Oh hey @SarahHalleCorey just suggested a book for me to read! Neat!
  4. I should read more
  5. When does the new oven get installed? I hate this thing.
  6. I'm wearing the same sweatshirt @evolkmann2 was wearing earlier. I wonder if she's still wearing it.
  7. This app is so cool, look at me, making lists and getting book recommendations.
  8. I should listen to Hamilton on the speakers.
  9. I wonder if I can can do the rap in 'Guns and Ships'
  10. Nope.
  11. I wonder how people go about gaining followers in this app?
    The beta community seems to have been pretty tight. Must find best way to showcase my wit in list form.
  13. This app is going to make me smarter!
  14. This oven takes so long. I should have just microwaved.