1. •
    My whole life, I've grown up in a house littered with souvenirs of my parents' professional accomplishments.
  2. •
    Pictures, personalized wine glasses, bottles of wine from Democratic conventions...you can find them is nearly every room of the house
    (Including my bedroom, which hosts miniature flags from the grand re-opening of the Ohio Statehouse)
  3. •
    But mostly, the mementos are on this wall
  4. •
    Letters from candidates, a poster from an inauguration, a picture...and a Time Magazine cover.
  5. •
    The Time Magazine cover of Geraldine Ferraro accepting the nomination for Vice President has been on this wall my whole life
  6. •
    It is framed along with my mother's floor pass from that night, signed by Geraldine Ferraro herself.
  7. •
    I've heard about that moment since I was old enough to ask what was in this frame
  8. •
    My parents were there working for Governor Dick Celeste
  9. •
    And the Governor pulled the floor passes from many men (including staff and donors) so that every woman on staff could be on the floor for that moment
  10. •
    And my mom has talked about waiting to see a woman nominated for President for longer than this magazine cover has been on the wall.
  11. •
    About how it would be the only thing to top the night in 1984
  12. •
    It always felt very hypothetical to me
  13. •
    But tonight the Democratic Party nominated Hillary Clinton and I burst into tears
  14. •
    I was overwhelmed watching it happen—I didn't think I would be.
  15. •
    But I feel like I finally understand why mom talks about that night with stars in her eyes.
  16. •
    I feel like we can do anything.
  17. •
    It's magical and momentous.
  18. •
    And I'm going to do everything I can to make sure Hillary Clinton is the next President of the United States.
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