I'm seeing Hamilton on Wednesday (!!!) and somehow I need to become famous enough for Lin Manuel-Miranda to pull me and my friends backstage after the show. Let's brainstorm...
  1. Start some sort of online sensation
    I've had posts go viral a few times, so maybe? But the likelihood this gets me enough fame to be pulled backstage seems low.
  2. Befriend a famous person in the audience, develop a great friendship by intermission and end up going backstage with them.
    @evolkmann2 and I are sitting in the 5th row, so this may be a possibility. We're charming. We could pull it off.
  3. Do something cool and Hamilton related online that catches Lin Manuel-Miranda's attention
    But what?! This fandom is so creative already! This stresses me out a little.
  4. Make a sex tape
    I'm so single though. Not a great option. I doubt I have the savvy to turn this into an empire a la Kim Kardashian.
  5. @taylorgill11 discovers the cure for a type of cancer/disease
    While I feel like this may happen one day, she's on her holiday break right now. We've distracting her and maybe setting back her road to scientific discoveries. Whoops.
  6. Have my own reality show
    I would legit do this but no television producers are knocking down my door???
  7. Punch Donald Trump in the face in front of cameras.
    You will become an instant (inter)national hero, and the crowd will chant your name once they spot you. Lin-Manuel Miranda will personally escort you backstage.
    Suggested by @franksars
  8. Become so @list famous that @bjnovak hooks me up
    I've never met him but I feel like he could get this done and do me a solid.
  9. Write another musical about another historical figure that is as good as Hamilton or better.
    It should be done by Wednesday, right?
    Suggested by @catstrauch