1. My two best friends. We are basically in constant contact regardless of what timezones we're all living in. There is a never ending text thread, a podcast, and countless pictures on my phone that document this strange, wonderful, codependent relationship.
  2. My high school creative writing teacher
    Josh. We go out to dinner a few times a year with @evolkmann2. One time we got drinks just the two of us and we ran into a bunch of other teachers and he kept introducing me as "a former student". Roughly 100% of his coworkers thought we were having an affair. It's a pretty weird friendship.
  3. My barista
    John. He not only knows me, he knows my dog. He knows to fill the short cup up all the way with whipped cream so my dog can reach it. John's the man. We hold up the drive thru line chatting.
  4. My high school government teacher
    She's asked me to come in and talk to her classes a couple times and she buys me lunch and then we get drinks after school. Last time she told me she wants to go out for drinks and get "Uber home drunk". She also introduced me to the new principal as her "success story". It's odd. I like it.