Because your internet meme does jack shit.
  1. Vote!
    This seems obvious, but....nobody votes. So clearly it's not. Don't just vote in November, vote in your state primary or caucus. You can use the Federal Voting Assistance Program to find out all the days you can vote in your state ( Your local Board of Elections should also be able to tell you about local elections.
  2. Find your local campaign office
    So! You've picked your candidate! You know who you support! You voted! You're done! NOT. Campaigns work very very hard and they all depend on local volunteers. That could be you! Go to the campaign website and sign up to volunteer or they might have a way to look up your local campaign office.
  3. Make phone calls! Knock doors!
    This is the number 1 way you can help a campaign. It's worth getting over your fear of talking to strangers because it is literally the BEST thing you can do to help your candidate of choice. Also it's super fun!
  4. "But Emily, I'm scared"
    Don't be! Canvassing is literally the greatest. You do good work, meet new people and get to help better your country! But there are other things you can do...
  5. Enter data
    All those doors that were knocked? The calls that were made? They need to be entered into the system. You like computers, don't you?
  6. Clean the office
    Those staffers in local offices (usually Field Organizers) are worked to the bone and paid jack shit. I know because I've been there, many times. Sometimes they can't get up from their desks at the end of the night, let alone clean the bathroom.
  7. Make food!
    Feed your field organizers! Help them feed volunteers! When people return from knocking doors or they're in the middle of 3 hours of phones calls, homemade food is a life saver!
  8. Ask what they need!
    Here's the thing: campaigns don't provide a lot to local offices. Your office might need toilet paper, pens, granola bars, coffee, soap or even some of that furniture in your basement you're not using! Just ask! Your FO might even have a wish list!
  9. Put together a new office!
    As we move through the primaries and get closer to November, campaigns will open more offices. They might need help cleaning, painting, and decorating offices. They might need help throughing an office opening party, too!
  10. Host a debate watch party!
    Tell the campaign you'd like to host a debate watch. Your friends and people from the community will come, watch and eat some snacks. A campaign rep will probably come to sign up volunteers and talk about the candidate. Totally helpful!
  11. Host a staffer!
    This is probably the biggest commitment. But Field Organizers get paid nothing and usually have moved to do this job. Campaigns depend on supporter housing. If you have an extra bed, offering to allow a low paid, hard working staffer to live in your house is a life saving thing for a campaign. You don't have to feed them, and they'll be working 12-18 hours a day anyway. My supporter housing hosts are some of the BEST parts of my campaign jobs. Just tell the campaign you're willing to do this!
  12. Have your friends join you!
    Safety in numbers! Plus the more the merrier!
  13. But seriously knock doors.
  14. Make phone calls
  15. VOTE
  16. 🇺🇸