It's Election Day in America! Go vote!
  1. Not voting is garbage.
    People have literally died over the right to vote. Don't piss it away.
  2. Local elections MATTER
    The smaller an election seems, the more it will impact your daily life. Vote for your city council, mayors and school boards!
  3. A lot of tax levy issues come up in off years
    Funding for your local library, zoo or health services could be at risk! Look into it!
  4. Important stuff is on the ballot today!
    Kentucky is electing a new governor, marijuana legalization in Ohio, school funding in Mississippi, control of the senate is up for grabs in Virginia and mayors are up across the country! Not to mention LGBT discrimination in Houston, banning AirBnB in San Francisco and an entire school board in Jefferson County, CO.
  5. You get a sticker
    Stickers are rad