1. 1998 campfire
    Gilded cage forever
  2. 12 little showers
    8 don't work and 4 have power! Short and sweet and always a crowd pleaser.
  3. Counselors song
    Because of you walden counselors... This song has spirit and zest.
  4. 2005 end song
    Thx for this contribution, sailors.
  5. Sunday meeting song
    Good morning Wendy, good morning counselors too. I only just realized how good this one is. An easy call-and-response and really does make everyone quiet.
  6. Bump on a log
    Reminds you how much you like the people sitting around you.
  7. 2001 campfire and sloppy
    Both are great.
  8. Don't know why
    I love you like I do do do do do. I think I'm learning that I really like interactive songs and this one is the tops. Nothing like standing up just to tell "caaaare"
  9. 2003 sloppy?
    Not always a fave, but currently becoming obsessed with this time of year