Are there more starches that should be on the list? Lmk guys
  1. Bread
    The clear number one. What could be better than a toasted slice of sourdough with butter? Ok I just went to breakfast at a cafe in Vienna and had a plate of toasted wheat bread with butter and filled with chives on the top, and I can't stop thinking about it. A good piece of bread is unbeatable.
  2. Rice
    Rice is so good. It's a vessel for amazing sauces and curries and salsas. Also there's sushi. And plain white rice is a beautiful thing. I could eat white rice forever.
  3. Pasta
    I just found out about buying fresh pasta from the store and its a life-changer. And there's nothing more filling and hearty than a good plate of pasta with legitimate sauce. Also don't forget that pasta is there to invite Parmesan cheese, which is the greatest food ever.
  4. Potatoes
    Potatoes are obviously great, but I could always do without them. Once I made a vow that I would never eat potato chips again after I drunk ate an industrial sized bag of Lays and I only lasted like two months. French fries are king (should I rethink this list?)