1. Denim party
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  2. Quad birthday
    Four birthdays, four themes. Diva, gold, Seattle, quarter life crisis
  3. Down to clown
    Circus/clown themed
  4. Lorde party
    Devin's birthday. Royals part 1
  5. Second annual royals party
  6. Crown Town 3: Down to Crown
    Royals party part 3
  7. Lana/America
    Dress like lana, be lana
  8. Homonym party
    Homonym? Homophone?
  9. Wes Anderson party
  10. Black tie/blackout
  11. Southern
  12. Halloween
    Not sure if this counts but this counts
  13. Summer party
    Suggested by @snavin
  14. Idiom party
    Suggested by @snavin
  15. Sleepover party
    Sleeping over not actually allowed...
  16. Fitness party