I've been in Budapest with my younger brother Jono for the last 5 days and today we're flying to Zurich.
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    We get to the Budapest airport with a healthy hour and twenty till our flight.
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    Things are going great, they let me check my carry on along with my checked bag for free! 👝🎒
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    Get to security and they open up a new lane right as I get there, so there's no line which is so ideal.
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    Bags on the belt, go through the metal detector, and they ask me to wait on the other side.
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    V thorough pat down. Veeery thorough.
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    They do the hand bomb swipe thing (think of you every time Hannibal Burress)
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    I have nothing to hide, so I look at my brother and start laughing/throw my hands up in exhaustion
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    Friendly blonde Hungarian TSA lady uses the metal detector wand and it beeps at my armpit. What is going on! There is no metal on me.
    It's the underwire on my bra. Does this happen to literally every woman? This is a pretty low key VS bra.
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    Now I get escorted to a side room. Woo this is getting more fun!
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    They pull me out to ask which bags on the belt are mine and when I point to my laptop I get sternly told/gestured to step back and "no touch"
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    In the side room I get a couple more thorough pat downs and then they extract the entire contents of my backpack.
    With friendly blonde TSA and a female police officer who speaks pretty good English, bless her. 👩🏼👮🏼
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    They inspect the inside of my book, my balled up pair of dirty socks, the crumpled up papers in the depths of my bag, open 3 glasses cases.
    Lots more bomb wipes.
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    Ok so I'm semi-addicted to Tums and I also carry Advil on me and I'm lazy so I just throw a bunch of both in a plastic baggie and carry that around in my backpack.
    Tums Smoothies Mint is my current favorite flavor, melts in your mouth in the best way possible.
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    Ok so they find the ziploc of tums and Advil (actually two, oops). The tums are all crushed up so its pills sitting in white powder.
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    Admittedly, this looks pretty sketchy....
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    Head of TSA scary bald guy and male police officer come in. They keep asking me what it is and I motion to my stomach, "it's tums, antacid, medicine for your stomach, it got crushed up! And ibuprofen, advil"
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    They do not understand and they take the bags and go outside and call some people.
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    I plead "you can throw it away! I don't need it!" This is not an option.
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    They keep coming back with the baggies to ask me about them and then leaving again.
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    They ask me when my flight is, it's kinda getting to the wire at this point.
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    Finally come back and bring me the baggies!! I'm good to go, hallelujah 🙏🏽🙏🏽Friendly lady communicates to me that I was chosen randomly!
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    Find my brother, who has been fairly worried.
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    Board the plane in the last row.
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    Listen to Serial episode 2 😊🛫