10 people I hate Vol. 1

The first in a long series. People, just the worst. Read and stay tuned for Vol. 2...here's a sneak peak, hipsters. Fuck.
  1. Neckbeards
    Fuck you guys, and I use that loosely. Get a shower and a shave, you look like a lumberjack rape victim.
  2. People who try to describe every beer flavor they can't taste
    Wow your beer has hints of Tibetan monk sweat with an aftertaste of Charlie sheens shame. How about you walk off a cliff you fucking lemming.
  3. People who tell Facebook they are going to bed
    Night FB family...goodnight, hope you die in your sleep. Fuck off with Facebook seriously.
  4. Most people on social media
    The obnoxious ones, the whiny ones, the happy ones. Everyone?
  5. Sports guys
    Needs to stop, I love every sport, all I talk about is sports, fantasy sports too but I also don't play sports, just the worst types of fucking people
  6. Guys who wear eyeliner
  7. Rappers
    A bunch of idiots yelling about the same shit, meaningless.
  8. People who talk to you when you have your headphones in
    Headphones in means leave me the fuck alone, and yes I know they are always in...get the hint.
  9. People who talk about their precious Facebook wall
    More awful Facebook people. Fuck your wall, and fuck you too.
  10. All fans of maroon 5...all of them
    That guy is a hipster douchebag.
  11. BONUS: All 12,000 Kardashians
    Hate that whole fucking clan, lead them into an arena and bomb the shit out of it.