1. Public transportation 🚖🚇🚆
    Seoul is infinitely cleaner, cheaper, and more convenient. Subways are clean, have seamless cell service, safe (glass doors so no one falls into the tracks), and smooth (easy to balance without touching anything). Taxis are cleaner and significantly cheaper, and buses, though I don’t use it outside of getting from Ichon to Seobingo, are frequent and convenient. Everything can be paid with a simple scan of your credit card, and buses from the airport to the city are clean, fast, and affordable.
  2. Walking 🚶🏻🚶🏻🚶🏻
    One thing about NYC that I love is that you can walk from any point A to any point B. Yes, girls in Seoul are always wearing heels so it probably wouldn’t happen anyway, but since there is the Han River running right through the city, walking is never really an option (unless you stay within your neighborhood). Also, the landscape is relatively hilly, which is why they haven’t been able to come up with their own version of Velib or Citibike.
  3. Trends 💁🏻
    Once a trend catches on in Seoul, it becomes THE trend. This applies for fashion, food, hair styles, date spots, you name it. For example, a few summers ago the “it” dessert was a soft serve ice cream topped with raw honey. Everyone raved about it both on and offline. A few months later, Sulbing (super soft shaved ice) became the thing to eat and everyone forgot about the aforementioned. For the most part, trends switch very frequently in Seoul while trends in NYC seem to stick around.