Requested by Andrew Park

3 Distinct Childhood Memories

  1. When I was 7, my brother, dad and I ran the SFS 5k Turkey Trot together. My brother ran off when the race started, but my dad ran with me. I remember the school chaplain passing us while running up the hill behind the UAC and my dad whispering "we can't let a 할아버지 pass us!!! Run Ellen run!" Since then my dad has always been my #1 running fan.
  2. Growing up my brother was my dentist and tooth fairy. Every time I had a wobbly tooth he would gently wiggle until it fell out. At night, he would sneak into my room, take the tooth, and leave behind 만원 (10,000 KRW) underneath my pillow.
  3. For Christmas we used to always go to our grandparents' country home, where we would cut a pine tree, drag it home, and then decorate it with all of our ornaments that we've accumulated over the years. My mom and I especially loved going poinsettia shopping and decorating the house with flowers and lights.🎄🎄🎄