There are so many classes and different workout available in the city, but here are a few of my favorites.
  1. Exhale Core Fusion Barre (10 pack)
    5 classes left. If you haven't tried barre, it is definitely a must. This is one of the few classes where I can immediately feel results the following day. The class is an active fusion between Pilates, ballet and yoga and works towards long and lean muscles. The grip socks make a difference!
  2. Bikram Yoga NYC (1 month unlimited)
    A week ago I suddenly felt this surge of motivation to lose weight. Naturally, I signed up for 1 month of unlimited Bikram. Bikram is a sequence of 26 poses, each repeated twice in a 104 degree room. Highly recommend for anyone who has already had yoga experience but is looking for something slightly different. You will feel and see results. Don't forget to hydrate!💦 (Note: mama H told me that the most effective workouts are the ones that you initially dread going to. Very accurate for Bikram.)
  3. Soul Cycle (10 pack)
    4 classes left. Haters are definitely going to hate, but there truly is nothing like Soul Cycle. The inspirational instructors, great music, and pack mentality drive you to have the best 45 min rides. Tonight I will be going to a Bieber-Drake ride.