A Montage of 2 Listers

The good, the bad, and the ugly of @bbveg and myself throughout time.
  1. Elementary days; the paparazzi was too real.
  2. High school days; camping out on the sidewalk all night to see the Casey Anthony trial.
  3. College days; clubbing...and by clubbing I mean sitting in a corner of the bar fighting off anxiety attacks with margaritas while the rest of our party is on the dance floor.
  4. College days; Jacksonville beach, where @bbveg moved to for college and left me for 4 years.
  5. College days; a night out in Orlando with a vegan dinner!
  6. Casual hang, probably drinks after work
  7. More casual hangs, featuring sass by @bbveg
  8. Definitely drinks after work night
  9. Halloween Party 2015; complete with costumes, mixed drinks, games, and ending with vomit in the corner (aka a success)
  10. Strawberry Festival 2016; indulging in as much deep fried food as possible.
  11. Current Days; 97x Backyard BBQ 2016. Hot as balls, fun as hell.