Contents of My Bookshelf

My bookshelf is slam full. My other books are housed in any nook or cranny they fit into around the house.
  1. Top shelf
    Contains books I was given as a child, antique books, the classics; all accented with an origami crane and graduation pic of @bbveg.
  2. Second shelf
    Contains the teen dramas that were all the rage at some point in time & that had to be read if you were any type of "cool" in the literary world. Also, my incomplete Harry Potter collection that I need to get around to buying it's entirety. Some classics are strewn about as well. Accented with my Kindle, golden quail statues painted by my uncle, a decorative porcelain chalice, and my guitar capo.
  3. Third shelf
    Composed of study bibles and commentaries, a good collection of mystery novels (my fave), and some free books I've gathered and have been meaning to read through. Accents include my Evangecube I used in Africa, another origami crane, colored pencils that resemble tree branches, and that game you play at Cracker Barrel while you wait for your food.
  4. Fourth shelf
    The least visited and most reviled shelf. It contains my textbooks from college (ew), SAT study guide from high school (double ew), and high school yearbooks. Even the accented glass jar of marbles doesn't give much hope to this shelf.
  5. Fifth, and final, shelf
    Stacked to the brim with board games.