Ranked in order of favoritism
  1. Pistachio
    Hands down, no question about it. No other nut can combat the wonderful flavor of this nut. Every Christmas Santa uses it as a stocking stuffer for me because he knows how much I value and care for this nut.
  2. Coconut
    Technically not a true nut, but I think it leaves many "true nuts" in the dust....So many things to say in homage to you, coconut.
  3. Almond
    I'm not a texture eater, but sliced almonds give the most satisfying crunch in the world between your teeth. Also; A.) Almond Joy. B.) Almond Milk. C.) Almond Bark.
  4. Peanut
    The most common, a little too common, but I still appreciate all it has to offer. Peanut butter, peanut oil (hence, fried chicken), honey roasted peanuts, etc.
  5. Pecan
    Pecan pie...need I say more?
  6. Hazelnut
    A perfect addition to a cup of coffee or a cream cheese spread.
  7. Cashew
    Just a snacky nut I would only eat in trail mixes.
  8. Chestnut
    Don't think I've eaten a chestnut in my entire life, but I've heard of many a-things named after this nut tree.
  9. Walnut
    Not a major fan, but I respect you, walnut.
  10. Brazil Nut
    I love you, Brazil. But Brazil Nut, you do nothing for me.