How I'd Spend My Time if I Was Immortal ↪️↩️

Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Get multiple degrees and get my feet wet in the careers I've dreamed of doing.
    Mainly various medical degrees, herbalism, anything to work for NASA.
  2. Change my name after a lifetime passes.
  3. Travel the world.
    Wait out the warring regions and go to them in peace times.
  4. Mourn the loss of my loved ones who've gone.
    Learn the lesson the hard way, maybe a few times before I harden my heart.
  5. Become hesitant at forming relationships to people because I'll ultimately lose them to death.
  6. Become paranoid that the government doesn't catch on to my immortality and capture & conduct experiments on me.
    The name changing aids in this.
  7. Master several forms of martial arts to fend off government agents who want to capture me for experimentation.
  8. End up yearning for death.
    Welp, what'ya gonna do?