You know it's going to be a good conversation when someone starts out "So I had the weirdest dream last night..." & that's how my mother began her tale.
  1. She worked for President Obama, like a personal assistant/secretary type job.
  2. Bo says to mom, "Look at my arm, I was hit by a golf ball!"
  3. Mom inspects his arm that is bruised or welted or something
  4. Bo says, "I think I need to have it looked at by a doctor"
  5. Mom says, "hey! My friend Tracy (who also conveniently worked for the First Family) was hit by a golf ball last week! Let her look at it."
  6. Mom calls over Tracy, who is also conveniently close by.
  7. Tracy comes over and her and Bo compare welted golf ball wounds
  8. Tracy says, " yeah it hurt like hell, but it got better within a few days"
  9. [scene change] Mom is now with Michelle Obama.
  10. Michelle Obama and my mother are sitting at a table, heads propped on elbows , twirling each other's hair like preteen girls, and chatting.
  11. Mom says to Michelle, whilst twirling her hair, "I don't know if he's really hurt, or if he's just doing it for attention."
  12. Michelle says, "yeah, I don't know."
  13. »The End«