Old Photos I've Inherited

Made up of parents and family. One my most valued possessions. Here are a few selections.
  1. My parents.
    When they were dating, I believe. No date on the back, but no ring on dads finger.
  2. Dad, 1983
    Status: cooler than you.
  3. 1984
    Notice my mothers ever-changing hair.
  4. Dad, 1988
  5. 1988
    These guys took a selfie before it was ever trending. One of my favorite pictures.
  6. 1990
  7. 1991
    Somewhere, North Carolina
  8. Also 1991
    Somewhere, Texas. A field of bluebonnets. Apparently '91 was the year to travel.
  9. Dad & myself, 1993
    The day I graced the world with my existence.
  10. The family, 1993
    That's me pitching a fit in my grandmas arms. Mom's new hair trend of the time. Dad, cousins, aunt, and grandpa.
  11. The box of memories
    I get this out every once in a while just to look through them now and again. Excuse the hairy rug, I have animal companions, ok?!