Reasons Why We Love the List App

@bbveg and I discussed this over dinner tonight at a local Mexican restaurant, where we ate entirely too much food and now are bloated & miserable.
  1. Organization.
    Even the sloppiest lists have some organizational qualities that they cannot escape from, even if they tried! It's a thing of beauty. Though, generally every list I've encountered is pretty organized.
  2. Purity.
    This app is basically unscathed and untouched from all the ridiculousness, e.g., teenybopper drama, that the other poor apps have taken on. The List App is a modern El Dorado
  3. Community.
    I feel as though I have moved into a virtual neighborhood with all the other List Appers out there, and every single one of them is my friendly neighbor.
  4. Positivity.
    I have yet to see any negative/slandering/rude comments on any list! Everyone is so uplifting and kind. It's a real life fairytale without any villains.
  5. Therapeutical.
    Lists are therapeutic. Simple as that.
  6. Sanctuous.
    A sanctum unbeknownst to mostly anyone I know in the real world, with a few exceptions. A sanctuary where I can be as real as I want without worry of repercussion from those I see on the daily.